Email notifications are finally here

Many people that use Wave only use it from time to time, on an “as needed” basis.  This is fine, but causes people to miss new items when they arrive.  There are a few browser extensions and other workarounds, but now Google has released official email notifications!

The way they work is quite simple.  You can choose to have notifications send to you either:

  • Immediately
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Never

The default, as you would expect, is “never”.  However, if you don’t have another system in place it’d probably be wise to turn them on.  Even better, you should encourage your friends to turn it on so they don’t miss something that comes from you.

There are a few minor issues with it still, but it seems to be a very nice implementation.  Useful and customizable, yet simple and uncluttered.

What’s the next feature you’d like to see them add?