Get an invite if you’re willing (and able) to write a blog post

I’ve got a bunch of invites to give away today, and I’ll be doing that shortly.  First, though, I’m making a special offer.  In an effort to get more posts up here on the blog, I’d like to find a few people to write guest posts.  If you’d be willing to do that, I’ll give you an invite to Wave!

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • I’ll give you the invite.
  • You spend a couple days playing around with it.
  • You write a blog entry on here about your favorite feature, favorite use for Wave, or something like that.  Include screenshots or screencasts as appropriate.

Seems like a fair way to do it.  If you don’t have the technical skills to create screenshots/screencasts, or don’t have the writing skills to write a decent blog entry, then please sit this one out; I’ll be giving away a bunch of no-strings-attached invites later this afternoon via our Twitter account.

If this interests you, then leave a comment on this blog entry (not a Tweet) explaining:

  • What you think you’d write about. This obviously may change once you get your hands on Wave, but I at least want to see that you’re thinking about it.
  • Convince me why you think you can write a quality post (“been blogging for years”, “take screenshots all the time”, etc)

The first five responses that I think are worthy will get the invites. Any random “PLEASE PLEASE I NEED AN INVITE” comments will be removed.

Shortly after this is done and I have the five winners, I’ll open up the remaining invites first-come, first-served on Twitter.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Wow, that was quick!  A lot of neat ideas came in.  The five winners are the five comments that I’ve enabled below.  Congrats to those that won!   Free-for-all invite giveaway coming on Twitter in a few minutes…

Keep your inbox clean with the new follow/unfollow feature

Google has added a nice little feature to Wave today — following and unfollowing.  They’re removed the old “mute” command and made it a bit more sophisticated.

The main problem was with that people would read public waves, get automatically added to them, and their inbox would quickly become overwhelmed.  This new feature should help eliminate that problem.


Here’s how following works: When someone adds you directly to a wave, or if you contribute to a wave, you will automatically be following that wave. When you see a public wave that you would like to get updates on, you can chose to follow it by hitting the follow button in the wave panel toolbar. You can remove these waves from your inbox by hitting the “archive” button, but when there is an update they will pop back in. You can switch between following and unfollowing a wave as much and as often as you like.

While it’s not overly different from the old “mute” feature, the extra control and the more familiar language should make it very useful for a lot of people.  Google has plans to add more features to help you control your inbox, and may eventually allow you to follow people, groups and/or searches.

More coverage of this feature can be found at TechCrunch and Lifehacker.