Email notifications are finally here


Many people that use Wave only use it from time to time, on an "as needed" basis.  This is fine, but causes people to miss new items when they arrive.  There are a few browser extensions and other workarounds, but now Google has released official … [Continue reading]

Ten tips for better Waving

Google has posted 10 simple tips to improve your Wave experience.  None are groundbreaking, but all of them help make it just a bit more useful. Included are some keyboard shortcuts, how to link one Wave to another, and a few other useful … [Continue reading]

Lots of insight on upcoming features for Google Wave

A Google Wave developer has spoken about a lot of non-confidential upcoming features for Google Wave.  You can read them all at Reddit, but here are some highlights: Better "new Wave notifications" are coming soon. I use the slick extension for … [Continue reading]

Google Wave finally adds access permissions


Slowly but surely, Google Wave is building out the expected features that people want.  They're still missing some huge ones (publish to a site, print, rearrange blips, etc), but they're getting there. The latest two they've added are User Access … [Continue reading]

Tips, Tasks, Love and all the rest


Since my last entry, Chris Brogan has really become a fan of Google Wave.  Here are a few posts of his that you need to check out: Tips for Google Wave: After using it a bit, he's developed some techniques that may be useful to those of you just … [Continue reading]