The year in review

While people are still debating about the usefulness of Google Wave, it's proving to be a great tool to make videos with.  There was the popular "Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction" a few months ago, and now we have "Waving Goodbye to 2009".  It's a v … [Continue reading]

Google Wave adds undo/redo

It's a very minor thing, but in a text-based environment it's very important.  Starting today, you can now use "undo" and "redo" commands within a wave. They use the standard keys.: To undo something, just press CTRL+Z ( or CMD+Z on Mac). To redo … [Continue reading]

Groups finally arrive in Wave — sort of

For a while now, people have been asking for a way to use Groups with Google Wave.  It'd be nice to be able to just add an entire team to a Wave, rather that adding them one at a time.  Google has just added the first piece of this feature.  It's cl … [Continue reading]

A million invites sent, and plenty more to give

Google has just announced that they have now sent out over one million invitations to Google Wave.  It was just over two months ago that they invited the initial 100,000 to check it out, and now they've grown to over over 10x that … [Continue reading]

Lots of info for Wave developers

Google is in the process of developing a FAQ for Wave developers, and it's coming along quite nicely.  The questions that they answer cover four areas: Wave Sandbox Debugging & Development Using the Robot Client Libraries Wave … [Continue reading]

Using Google Wave for a Manhunt

The Seattle Times is trying a to use Google Wave for a pretty serious task -- catching a killer. They've created a public wave with information about the chase for the man suspected of killing four Seattle police officers a few days ago.  There are … [Continue reading]

A Day of a Student with Google Wave

(note: this is a guest post from Simon, one of the winners in a contest we recently held) 07:00 - Wake up It's seven in the morning, time to prepare for a brand new day at school. Let's check last night's updates, right from the bed thanks to the … [Continue reading]

So who got the invites so far?

We've been giving out invites for about four hours today, and we've still got a few left!  A ton of you have donated them to us, and we're handing them out as fast as we can. As of this writing, everyone that has requested an invite (either via … [Continue reading]

Want an invite? Get one NOW!

We've been giving away invites on Twitter today, and they've been going pretty fast.  However, we still have a TON left (thanks to people like you) so we thought we'd open them up here. If you want an invite, just leave a comment to this post with … [Continue reading]

Download the Complete Guide to Google Wave

Gina Trapani and Adam Pash of Lifehacker have put together a book titled "The Complete Guide to Google Wave".  It's a 102-page, DRM-free ebook that you can get right now for only $6. If you don't feel like shelling out $6 for an ebook, you can read … [Continue reading]