Tips, Tasks, Love and all the rest

Since my last entry, Chris Brogan has really become a fan of Google Wave.  Here are a few posts of his that you need to check out:

Tips for Google Wave: After using it a bit, he’s developed some techniques that may be useful to those of you just getting started.

Using Google Wave for Task Management: Is Google Wave a suitable tool for managing your tasks?  At this point, I don’t really think it is, but it certainly could become one.

How I Came to Love Google Wave: He’s now pretty much “all in”.  He loves Wave, and appreciates what it can do.  He admits that it has a limited scope of usefulness so far (“if you have no obvious collaboration project to try it on, it doesn’t immediately make sense”) but sees a lot of potential in it.

Also, Lifehacker has just built a great chart that shows the differences between Wave and other current web-based collaboration systems.

It’s a nifty little chart, and certainly makes it look like Google Wave is something to keep an eye on.  Once they fill in those last few boxes at the bottom, it’ll be a very powerful system.

Another hands on review of Google Wave

Frederic Lardinois of ReadWriteWeb has just posted a nice entry about his first experience with Google Wave.  It’s not as in-depth as the one posted by Mashable a few days ago, but it’s very interesting nonetheless.  Frederic includes a few new screenshots and a short video capture of him using it.

Check it out!

Hands on review of Google Wave

Mashable was able to try out the alpha version of Google Wave and they’ve written a very nice review of it.  The break it down into section: Interface, Communication, Extensions and then their Conclusion.

Their verdict? “With some great 3rd party apps and greater customization, Google Wave could actually match its hype.”

Read about their full experience here.

Have any of you tried it yet?  What do you think of it?