How to run Google Wave on your iPhone

As many of you have figured out, Google Wave runs reasonably well on the iPhone.  It gives a warning screen that it’s “not a supported browser”, but you can bypass that and it’ll run happily on your phone.  It can be a bit quirky and it’s missing some of the fancy features of the normal version of Wave, but it works pretty well.  However, there are a few tricks to help it run even better.

Save it as an app-like shortcut

With any web site, you can click the (+) button in your browser and “Add to Home Screen”.  This creates an icon on the desktop that takes you directly to that site.  For most sites, it opens Safari and loads the site in there, making it less than useful.  However, some sites are written in such a way that when you click the icon, it opens without the browser wrapper and runs quite well!  The Wave team has built this feature it, so try it with Wave and see what happens.

app-itUse App It

Taking that a step further, you can use the site to fire up Wave.  AppIt works similarly to the Wave shortcut, in that it runs in a clean version of Safari.  However, it gives you quick access to all of the Google Mobile sites — Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc, including Wave.  It’s quite a handy little icon to use.

To add it to your phone:

  • Visit on your iPhone browser
  • Click the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the middle option — “Add to Home Screen”

Now you’ll have an “AppIt” icon on your iPhone screen.  It’ll run and feel just like a normal app that you’d download, and give you easy access to Wave.

I’d expect that that mobile performance of Wave will improve greatly in the coming months.  Even so, I’m quite impressed with how well it runs already.

Still waiting for your invite? Here are a bunch of videos to help whet your appetite.

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your invitation yet — they’re still being sent out, and yours still might be on the way.  In the meantime, here are a bunch of great videos you can check out if you want to learn more about Wave.

First, we have the 1:20:11 video from the Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009:

If you don’t want to spend 80 minutes watching that presentation, here it is cropped down to 10 minutes:

15 Features in Google Wave:

CNet’s Rafe Needleman giving a brief overview of Wave:

Preview of iPhone version of Wave:

How the Live Collaborative Editing works:

How the Natural Language Processing works:

I hope that gives you a bit more to chew on. Keep checking your inboxes, and hopefully your invite will arrive soon!

Google Wave apps for iPhone and Android

In addition to the great stuff we’ve already seen, there are mobile apps that appear to be quite far along in their development.  In this video, Google showcases their Android and iPhone apps.  They run into a bit of trouble, but the potential with these is very obvious: