Google Wave is now available for everyone!

After six months of invites and begging, Google Wave is now freely open for anyone to use.  If you have a Google Account, simply head over to and sign-up.  If you’re an apps user, your organization can quickly enable Wave for your entire group.

Removing this barrier is huge.  Now anyone can join your Wave, and it’s no longer a case of “well, you need an invite to see it…”.

Today is also bringing us a few of the first great “Live Waves”.  With Google I/O going on today, a few sites are live-blogging by using an embedded Google Wave.  My favorite is the one on Smarterware, but there are others out there too.

If you have Wave and want to get your friends on there with you, send them over and get them in!

A million invites sent, and plenty more to give

Google has just announced that they have now sent out over one million invitations to Google Wave.  It was just over two months ago that they invited the initial 100,000 to check it out, and now they’ve grown to over over 10x that size!

Specifically, they’ve sent invitations to everyone that has signed up on their site, and all existing users have been given more invites to hand out to friends and family.

I’ve noticed in the last week or so that very few people are asking us for invites on Twitter.  I assumed that’s because most of the people that want an invite have one now — great!  Early on, many people complained that Wave was pretty much useless without their friends and family there, which was certainly true.  Now that the invites are flowing like water, we can really get down to business and figure out how best to use it.

If you still are looking to get an invite, just leave a comment on this post with your email address and we’ll be happy to send you one.

Want an invite? Get one NOW!

We’ve been giving away invites on Twitter today, and they’ve been going pretty fast.  However, we still have a TON left (thanks to people like you) so we thought we’d open them up here.

If you want an invite, just leave a comment to this post with your email address.  I’ll delete comments after I’ve given an invite to that address.  If you comment disappears, you’ve got one coming.  I’ll post a full list of who got them later on.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The invites are gone.  Please check back again later.

A big day for invites! Here’s who got them.

As we often do, we gave away a ton of Wave invites via our Twitter account.  We had hoped to give away about 40, but ended up giving away more than 70 of them!  If you didn’t get one this time, keep watching us on Twitter as we hope to give more away pretty soon.

Even better, I’m getting reports that the invites are going out almost instantly!  It used to take upwards of a week to get an invite once a friend “nominated” you.  Last I knew, it was taking a day or so to go out.  Now we have people that said they got theirs within minutes.  That’s great!

If you find yourself with extra invites to give away, here’s how you can let us help find some good homes for them.

If you were one of the lucky ones to get a new invite, be sure to read back through our older entries to get some ideas for what’s going on.  If you have a blog, a “thank you” link over to us wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

Here’s the list of who got them:


Do you have extra invites? Share them! Here’s how.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that are already using Google Wave, consider helping some other folks to finally get an invitation.  It’s easy to do, and you can make some people really happy.

Poke around in your Google Wave inbox (or maybe your “All” section) and you’ll possibly have a wave titled “Invite others to Google Wave”.  Inside of there is a counter that shows how many invites you have left to give.  It looks something like this:

2009-11-13_1908If you have that, then those extra invitations could be put to good use.  We’ve already helped hundreds of people get their invites thanks to generous users like you, and we’re looking for more.

If you have this and you’re willing to give up some of the invitations, do the following:

  • Add me as a contact.  In the very lower left corner of Wave is your contacts box.  At the bottom of that is a small (+).  Click that and add “”.  You should see my icon appear.
  • Next, open up your official “Invite others to Google Wave” wave.
  • Click the (+) at the top of the Wave and add me.  This will give me access to your invitations.
  • If you’d like me to leave a few invitations in there in case you need them for friends, that’s fine — most people do.  To do that, click the tiny drop-down arrow in the very top-right corner of the wave and choose “Private Reply”.  Type a message in there and let me know how many to leave for you (“Mickey, leave 3 for my friends please”).  When you’re done typing, it’ll prompt you to add people to that Private Reply.  Add me.

That’s it!

Most people get around 20 invites from Google to give out and ask to keep 3-5 for themselves.  Once a few people do that, then we suddenly have 30-40 invites to give away (like we did today).  If you have some extras, please consider sharing them with other folks online that are still wanting to get on.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and let us know.


Get an invite if you’re willing (and able) to write a blog post

I’ve got a bunch of invites to give away today, and I’ll be doing that shortly.  First, though, I’m making a special offer.  In an effort to get more posts up here on the blog, I’d like to find a few people to write guest posts.  If you’d be willing to do that, I’ll give you an invite to Wave!

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • I’ll give you the invite.
  • You spend a couple days playing around with it.
  • You write a blog entry on here about your favorite feature, favorite use for Wave, or something like that.  Include screenshots or screencasts as appropriate.

Seems like a fair way to do it.  If you don’t have the technical skills to create screenshots/screencasts, or don’t have the writing skills to write a decent blog entry, then please sit this one out; I’ll be giving away a bunch of no-strings-attached invites later this afternoon via our Twitter account.

If this interests you, then leave a comment on this blog entry (not a Tweet) explaining:

  • What you think you’d write about. This obviously may change once you get your hands on Wave, but I at least want to see that you’re thinking about it.
  • Convince me why you think you can write a quality post (“been blogging for years”, “take screenshots all the time”, etc)

The first five responses that I think are worthy will get the invites. Any random “PLEASE PLEASE I NEED AN INVITE” comments will be removed.

Shortly after this is done and I have the five winners, I’ll open up the remaining invites first-come, first-served on Twitter.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Wow, that was quick!  A lot of neat ideas came in.  The five winners are the five comments that I’ve enabled below.  Congrats to those that won!   Free-for-all invite giveaway coming on Twitter in a few minutes…