Lots of insight on upcoming features for Google Wave

A Google Wave developer has spoken about a lot of non-confidential upcoming features for Google Wave.  You can read them all at Reddit, but here are some highlights:

  • Better “new Wave notifications” are coming soon. I use the slick extension for Google Chrome, but other options will be coming soon.  “Very soon”, in fact.
  • Tighter connections between Wave and email aren’t likely coming soon.
  • People don’t like the weird scrollbars, but we’re told that they have a “really really really really good reason to keep them”.  Not sure why, though.
  • Google Wave and Google Buzz share little (if any) code.
  • Wave doesn’t work well with Opera, but the Opera development team is apparently working on it.

There are plenty of other unanswered questions in there, so hopefully those can be taken care of soon.

What are the biggest questions/concerns that YOU have about Google Wave?

Lots of info for Wave developers

Google is in the process of developing a FAQ for Wave developers, and it’s coming along quite nicely.  The questions that they answer cover four areas:

What’s neat is that they generated this FAQ from a series of Waves on WaveSandbox.com, then used the Exporty robot to push the information to the FAQ.  They’ve provided documentation on how this was accomplished in case you would like to implement a similar system for your site.

If you have other suggestions for them, you’re encouraged to visit the Google Wave API forum.