Google Wave adds a few quick start templates

One of the problems with Google Wave is getting started.  You open up a new Wave, and then what?  Google is hoping to address that problem with their brand new quick start templates.

When you start a new wave, you’re now presented with six options:

  • A standard blank wave
  • Discussion
  • Task tracking
  • Meeting
  • Document
  • Brainstorm

All of these are essentially standard waves at their core, but they pre-populate it with fields and widgets that would be useful for that task.  It’s not a huge step forward, but will certainly help new users when they try to make those first few steps.


  1. Jan Erik says:

    I really want to participate and try out google wave..
    If someone have a invite I would be really happy to recieve one

    Thanks alot, and thanks for a great site about google wave info

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