Google Wave unveils the Extensions Gallery

Now that Google Wave is running pretty smoothly, Google is starting to roll out some much-needed features.  Last week we saw the introduction of email notifications, and now they’ve released the Extensions Gallery.

Extensions are one of the pieces of Google Wave that are really neat, but had been a pain to use.  They were hard to find, and there really wasn’t a whole lot there.  Now, there is a simple “Extensions” link on the left side of your screen that will show you all them!

There is nothing to activate or enable.  Just log in and you’ll see the list.  As of right now there are 18 extensions in there, and I’m sure that number will grow.  Here’s the full list:

(note that the “Accuweather” extension is in there too, but didn’t fit on my screen)

So fellow Wave users, which extensions do you use?  Which one is your favorite?  What would you like to see come out next?


  1. Will there be a Buzz client for Android?

  2. Thanks, GooG!

  3. I dont remember when was the last time I really used Google wave gallery…
    They should integrate it inside gmail like Google buzz….Wondering if there are people who are still using it now?

  4. I can’t access google wave …why???

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