Google Wave finally adds access permissions

Slowly but surely, Google Wave is building out the expected features that people want.  They’re still missing some huge ones (publish to a site, print, rearrange blips, etc), but they’re getting there.

The latest two they’ve added are User Access Permissions and Restore from Playback.

User Access Permissions

This allows you to add people to a Wave with read-only access.  One neat thing you can do is allow public read-only access to the Wave to show it off to a wide variety of people without worrying about them messing it up.

You can make groups or individuals read-only.  Coming soon will be “reply only” access which allows users to reply to blips but not edit the blips that they didn’t create.

Restore from Playback

If a Wave gets messed up, anyone with full access to the Wave can restore it to a previous point.  This “restore” actually becomes a new instance at the end of the playback history, so others could essentially un-restore it if necessary.

What do you think is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed next?


  1. Wireblue says:

    I’d love to have the ability to remove users from a wave. That, and delete private blips.

  2. Tom says:

    with the improvements can you now convert a user into a read only user?

  3. Wireblue says:

    @Tom. Yes, I can. Though it doesn’t help in the situation where I don’t want a user to see the contents of a wave anymore, or if you mistakenly add the wrong user to a confidential wave. The ability to remove a user from a wave would still be handy…

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