Using Google Wave for a Manhunt

seattle-waveThe Seattle Times is trying a to use Google Wave for a pretty serious task — catching a killer.

They’ve created a public wave with information about the chase for the man suspected of killing four Seattle police officers a few days ago.  There are over 100 people in the Wave that are adding video footage, suspect descriptions, police scanner audio, automobile details, etc.  It’s neat to watch.

TechCrunch has a nice review of how well (or not) it is working.  Some people love to see the flow of information, while others think it’s simply too chaotic.  Spam will also be an issue for things like this, though this wave seems to be mostly on-task as of now.

This certainly adds a new item to the great ways to use Google Wave, and I expect we’ll see many other creative uses for it in the coming months.

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