A bunch of new tips

Google posts new tips from time to time.  Here are a few recent ones:

Search for public waves in your language — Search for “with:public + terms” and you’ll get a ton of results in your language (35 available).

Color code your inbox with saved searches — This is a neat way to mark things in your inbox.  The result is similar to the “labels” found in gmail.  Create a search, save it, and then apply a color to it.  Any items in your inbox that are there because of the search will be marked with that search and colored.  See this short video below for details:

Link your waves: Find the wave you want to link in your search panel, then drag and drop that wave into your compose window.  That’s it!  Remember that people will need to be participants of both waves to be able to see the content in both.

Open multiple waves at once: Hold down ‘Ctrl” (PC) or ‘Cmd’ (Mac) and then click on another wave.

Quickly read unread blips: Use the spacebar to jump from one unread blip to the next.  This can be very useful in large waves that have many changes in them.

Any other tips? What are some of your favorite shortcuts?  Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. You can save yourself time typing if you regularly search the public waves for various different tags.

    Make “with:public tag:” a saved search, and the next time you think of a tag you want to search for click that saves search. Then just type the tag you want to search for on the end and hit ‘Enter’.

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