A big day for invites! Here’s who got them.

As we often do, we gave away a ton of Wave invites via our Twitter account.  We had hoped to give away about 40, but ended up giving away more than 70 of them!  If you didn’t get one this time, keep watching us on Twitter as we hope to give more away pretty soon.

Even better, I’m getting reports that the invites are going out almost instantly!  It used to take upwards of a week to get an invite once a friend “nominated” you.  Last I knew, it was taking a day or so to go out.  Now we have people that said they got theirs within minutes.  That’s great!

If you find yourself with extra invites to give away, here’s how you can let us help find some good homes for them.

If you were one of the lucky ones to get a new invite, be sure to read back through our older entries to get some ideas for what’s going on.  If you have a blog, a “thank you” link over to us wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

Here’s the list of who got them:



  1. Quick tip — A guy over at Google Earth Hacks has 8 invites he’s giving away. Register there and leave your address and he’ll hook you up:

    Otherwise, keep an eye on our Twitter account and watch for our next announcement of available invitations!

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