A bunch of great ways to use Google Wave

The folks at LifeHacker have put together a great post today listing a ton of ideas on what Google Wave could be used for.  They asked readers for ideas, and got more than 600 responses.

The list of ideas:

  • Education: Increasing Interactivity and Collaborative Learning
  • Healthcare: Getting the H1N1 Vaccine Out Faster
  • Transportation: Controlling Air Traffic
  • Journalism: More Complete and Collaborative News Reporting
  • Saving Babies: Protecting and Helping Children
  • Creative Pursuits: Collaborative Storytelling
  • Family Life: Updating Loved Ones on Health Issues
  • Research: Getting Results Faster from Around the World
  • Foreign (and Mother-in-Law) Relations: Translating Real-Time
  • Fun: Organizing Little League
  • Disaster Relief: Saving People Stuck on Rooftops
  • Events: Planning a Wedding
  • Family Life: Organizing a Busy Schedule

Be sure to read through their full blog entry to see details about each idea.  What other ways do you plan use Wave?


  1. I plan to use it in filmmaking for planning and such as soon as it goes public.

  2. I plan to use Wave for synchronizing events organization in my student association and sharing work schedules and progress on IT team assignments .

  3. I’m excited about the prospects of Google Wave…but seems like most of these things you can already do today with Google Docs. What am I missing?

  4. Chris — For me, it’s the real-time nature of Wave that’s so appealing. Docs only updates between users every 30-60 seconds. It might not sound like much, but it makes it nearly impossible for two or more people to work on a single document at the same time.

    The other big bonus will be the gadgets — push a Wave out to WordPress automatically, drop in a Map and share it, stuff like that.

    The challenge will be the overlap. Do I use Wave for this? Or Docs? Or just Email? Maybe Evernote? Nozbe? DropBox? So many thing will overlap that something will just have to leave my daily work flow…


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