Wave invites coming later in the day

I know many of you are anxious to get your hands on a Google Wave invite, and it seems that they’ll be sent out pretty soon.  According to Stephanie Hannon, a member of the Wave team, they’re waiting a few more hours for the team (many of whom are located in Sydney) to be ready to handle any support issues.  Specifically, she says:

Invites will go out late in the day US time on Sept 30 – we are in Sydney and want to be awake to support you all!

They’re in Australia, which is 14 hours ahead of Eastern US time.  It’s nearly 2pm as I write this post, and it’s nearing 4am in Sydney.  I’m not sure what time they’ll start releasing the invites, but I’d guess they’d start around 8am, which would be 6pm EST.  We’ll keep you updated via our Twitter account (@GoogleWaveInfo) as we learn more.

In the meantime, embedded below is a nice video the Wave team has created to show a general overview of how it works.  It’s not as in-depth as the 90-minute video many of you have watched, but it summarizes the main features of Wave in just under 8 minutes.  This is a great video to pass along to your friends that keep asking “What does Google Wave do?”:


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    Most interesting video you have found. It gives an easy overview of what is going on.

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