Google Wave opening to 100,000+ users today!

[Update: TechCrunch has revised their statement and Wave will not be launching until tomorrow, September 30.  Google confirms this on their blog. One more day to wait…]

According to TechCrunch, Google will open Wave up to 100,000 new users starting today — not tomorrow, as we had initially thought.

Some highlights:

  • 100,000 new users will get accounts.
  • Those users will be mostly from three groups: The public users who signed up early to test, developers, and a select group of Google Apps users.
  • Every user that gets an invite today will be given 8 more invites to hand out to friends!  However, those people will not (yet) get extra invites to hand out.
  • Wave will be moving out of the “sandbox” site and onto the normal address.

I’ve not seen any invites go out quite yet, but it sounds like their coming soon.  Let us know in the comments when you see yours!


  1. pete stevens says:

    do it……do it now


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