Google Wave invites are going out, and many more are on the way

Google is beginning to invite many more developers into Google Wave, with the promise of many more invites in the next few months.

It started with the 5,800 invites that went to attendees of Google I/O, where Wave was announced.  They’re now rolling through the 20,000+ requests that were submitted to their site using the request form.  If you’ve previously filled out that form, expect your invitation within the next month.  We’ve already received many reports from developers who have finally gotten in.

In addition, Google plans on extending the preview beyond developers, to roughly 100,000 users, on September 30th.  This preview will take place on the main site, rather than in the sandbox.  It’s thought that this may be similar to the initial Gmail launch, where users can invite a few of their friends as well.

In the meantime, Google plans to focus on improving the speed, stability and usability of Wave.  If you’re part of the developer preview, you know that this is a smart direction to focus on.  While Wave is very cool, it’s still got some major speed and stability issues.  As those get worked out over the next few months, Wave will become more and more useful.


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