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Another hands on review of Google Wave

Frederic Lardinois of ReadWriteWeb has just posted a nice entry about his first experience with Google Wave.  It’s not as in-depth as the one posted by Mashable a few days ago, but it’s very interesting nonetheless.  Frederic includes a few new screenshots and a short video capture of him using it.

Check it out!

Hands on review of Google Wave

Mashable was able to try out the alpha version of Google Wave and they’ve written a very nice review of it.  The break it down into section: Interface, Communication, Extensions and then their Conclusion.

Their verdict? “With some great 3rd party apps and greater customization, Google Wave could actually match its hype.”

Read about their full experience here.

Have any of you tried it yet?  What do you think of it?

How will you use Google Wave?

We’re presumably still a few months away from the launch of Google Wave, but I’m often thinking of new ways that it will help in my daily life.

Aside from the obvious uses shown in the keynote presentation (such as work projects), what are other ways you might use Google Wave?  Here are a few I’ve thought of:

  • Shopping Lists. It’s simple, but might work.  My wife often includes photos with my shopping lists so I know exactly which brand of something to get, and this would make it easier.  From any of our computers (or phones) we could update the list, add photos, etc.  Could be pretty cool.
  • Building newsletters. One of my clients has me send out 5-10 “e-blasts” per month, and each one takes some work.  With a variety of people copied, we add text, change it, switch out a photo, add a link, etc.  It gets quite messy.  Wave could make that process much easier.
  • Planning worship services. I can already imagine our church worship leader and a few ministers sharing a Wave to plan the service each week.  Worship leader posts some songs, embeds a YouTube video to show people how the new song sounds, others leave comments, etc.
  • Developing new sites. My graphic designer and I work together very well, but almost never in the same room.  We use email, IM, Gmail video chat, Dropbox, Nozbe, Yuuguu and other tools to help share ideas.  While Google Wave likely wouldn’t replace any of them, it would certainly reduce the time spent with each.

Those are just a few — what ways do you think you might use Google Wave once it’s released?