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Full keynote presentation now available

Finally! The full keynote video introducting Google Wave is now available. Check it out!

Update: The video is now in high-quality, which makes it much easier to see the screencaps!

Google Wave apps for iPhone and Android

In addition to the great stuff we’ve already seen, there are mobile apps that appear to be quite far along in their development.  In this video, Google showcases their Android and iPhone apps.  They run into a bit of trouble, but the potential with these is very obvious:

Short video of live collaboration

Not much video of Google Wave is available yet, but here is a short one from SlashGear.  They show a handful of people editing the same document, and it’s neat to see how it works.  It’s very slick.  The video isn’t great, but I expect more polished videos to come out shortly.  Enjoy this one for now.

Sergey Brin’s thoughts about Google Wave

TechCrunch has just posted a video where they got a chance to speak to Google co-founder Sergey Brin for  a few minutes about Google Wave.  Some of his thoughts:

  • They’ve been using it internally at Google for a few months.
  • They’re working with the Chrome team to help it run as smoothly as possible.
  • Gmail and Google Apps integration is still to come.

The full video is below.

Video: Live Collaborative Editing

Another slick new feature in Google Wave is the Live Collaborative Editing.  It’s somewhat similar to the live collaboration in Google Docs, but it goes much further.  Not only can you see while others are typing, but you can bring others into the conversation at any point and see a replay whenever you want.  It’s like Google Docs meets Google Chat, but cranked way up.  It should be pretty slick!

Video: Natural Language Processing

One of the many incredible features in Google Wave is the way it handles spelling errors.  Rather than simply matching words with a dictionary, it compares your text to billions of documents to try to determine the proper spelling. The video below shows how this works.

What is Google Wave?

It’s hard to explain, but Google simply describes it as “what email would look like if it were invented today”.  That sounds insane, but people that have seen Wave in action think the statement is quite accurate.

TechCrunch has written an excellent overview of the product that you need to read, and we’ll be posting some videos shortly.